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Inner Sanctuary Training (A Weekend Workshop)


A Transformative Life Tool
Even with all of our blessings, life can still be filled with many challenging moments of stress, struggle, worry, pain, fear and heartache. We can lose our way, experience low self confidence, worry about fitting in, adding value or finding true meaning and purpose. Our most difficult challenges can often leave us feeling withdrawn, broken or even shattered. We search, looking for a better way, for answers or, finally, we just give up any kind of looking at all. We are in pain or are numb … we can feel alone and in isolation… We are depleted, flat and have lost our sense of joy as well as our deeply rooted purpose for being here. Life can sometimes feel more like a taxing, grinding chore than the beautiful gift and celebration it is meant to be!

Building Your Inner Sanctuary
These are some of the many, many reasons this powerful life training and its meditation techniques are the most important foundational tool you will ever receive in your lifetime. In these difficult pockets, Inner Sanctuary Training is transformational and moves you fully up and out of these lower times. There isn't anything that can't be resolved by using this training and its meditation techniques. This course teaches you how to build your Inner Sanctuary, the sacred, spiritual space within where you go to receive guidance, empowerment and direction, where you heal and restore your balance and vitality, where you strengthen your life purpose and manifest your love, wisdom and creative ideas in your life. Your Inner Sanctuary is where you can connect with Spirit, receive all the support, guidance and assistance directly relevant to your life that is meant for and awaiting you so that you can positively transform your life into exactly what you want it to be. Inner Sanctuary Training is the method and means to establish this sacred, spiritual space within! 

Benefits of Inner Sanctuary Training

In this course, you learn how to:
•    Receive important insight & guidance on any issue or question you hold
•    Experience the healing of your emotional pain, worry and heartache
•    Experience the clearing and transformative power of pure forgiveness and gratitude
•    Open channels to your creative expression
•    Release your anger, stress, anxiety, frustration and resentment
•    Replace negative inner self talk with the power of positive thinking
•    Thrive in an unwavering sense of self and inner confidence
•    Eliminate obstacles & challenges through the clarity, understanding, truth and
      perspective you receive   
•    Renew your beaten spirit
•    Rejuvenate your zest for life
•    Connect at the deepest level with your inner being
•    Create and draw to you exactly that which you want in your life, leaving the rest
•    Bathe in the truly overwhelmingly beautiful embrace of God where you come to know fully, through your direct experience of it, just how deeply connected, loved and honored you are.

This program and its meditation techniques change everything about how you process the difficulties and joys in your life. This healing, empowerment and renewal journey provides the methods, means and solutions to everything you will encounter in life.   

We have the Power.  You have the Power.  A few minutes a day.  Who knew ?!?

Weekend Workshop:    July 14th - 16th
Friday evening:   6 PM - 9 PM
Saturday:           10 AM - 6 PM
Sunday:             10 AM - 6 PM

Cost:  $247

 Inner Sanctuary Training – A Powerful Tool for a Richer Life Journey !
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