Host a fun Holistic Energy Party with your friends and learn all about your chakras and aura!

Host an exciting and intimate party with your friends and have the direct experience of your personal energy and how it impacts the quality of your life and overall life experience!  You will have fun learning:

  • How to feel your personal energy!
  • What your energy centers are (chakras & aura) are, what they store and why they are important to you!
  • How to tap into the greater energy field for drawing what you want into your life!
  • How to connect with your higher, inner energy to receive answers & guidance you need!
  • How your thoughts and emotions impact your personal energy!



Chakra and Aura parties need 6 people minimum and require an even number of attendees (6, 8, 14, 20, etc). Party can be at your location or here at Richer Life Journey in Southborough, MA.

Each party lasts 3 ½ to 4 hours

Host attends free of charge (see below).  



6 – 10 attendees:     $70 each    (host attends free of charge)
12 – 18 attendees:   $65 each    (host attends free of charge)
20 – 30 attendees:   $60 each    (host + one friend attend free)
32 – 48 attendees:   $55 each    (host + two friends attend free)


Let’s Party! 

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