How To Meditate For Beginners


How To Meditate For Beginners


How To Meditate For Beginners Home Learning Program gives simple, step by step training on how to meditate properly in a way that brings maximum benefit into your life.  This course goes beyond the beautiful benefits of just centering, relaxation, de-stressing and mindfulness and also teaches how to develop your inner spiritual gifts, your spiritual intuition, so you are can receive direct guidance, support, care and love from your inner being, your spiritual assistance and from God or Spirit.

This course provides the tools for conquering your personal challenges & issues and for quickly resolving daily stress, anxiety, overwhelm, low confidence and emotional distress. As well, it brings healing to your pain, wounds and emotional struggles. Here, you begin a journey of mindfulness, meditation, intuitive development and holistic self awareness that opens you to the phenomenal power of an untapped reservoir of inner gifts already present within you that are meant to be your compass and source of highly inspired answers through your struggles, questions and regular daily living. 

How To Meditate For Beginners gives you the tools to build an powerful inner foundation that creates a life of purpose, peace, passion, empowerment and happiness. It is also the pathway to accessing direct answers, inspiration and guidance relevant to your daily life questions and issues.  Through your direct experience of it, you will find your inner world to be your greatest life asset as you watch it shape the success, happiness and overall quality of your life experience.  Never again do you have to wonder, worry, fret or fear. All of the guidance, wisdom, inspiration, comfort and healing you ever need is moments away when you discover how to utilize the amazing resources of your inner spiritual world. You were born with these phenomenal gifts, an inner navigation system and you are meant to utilize and enjoy the profound comfort, benefit and assistance they bring to your daily life...

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How To Meditate For Beginners Home Learning Program

This powerful program is a 6 month, 8 module program with full support as you move through the program.  This program includes: 

  • 8 Module How To Meditate For Beginners Home Learning Program                                                                               
    These custom training modules guide you through each step of building a powerful personal meditation practice and are designed to support your transformation from where you are now, feeling stuck, struggling in pain and having difficulty in life and into an empowered new vision and pathway to a life of freedom, clarity, success and abundance. A new module is delivered every 2 weeks commencing at time of your registration. As you move through the How To Meditate For Beginners Home Learning Program you are fully supported by coaching calls and an online 
  • 12 x 90 minute Group Mentoring Calls Scheduled Every 2 Weeks In Between Module Delivery              
    In order to ensure you are able to learn and implement your meditation process and create the powerful shifts and maximum transformation you seek, these calls are provided to walk step by step with you through your journey.  These calls provide laser coaching on the specific challenges or struggles you are having so that you can move through them quickly and powerfully as you grow in your process.  At the same time, they allow for a highly enjoyable community environment that allows you to benefit from the questions of others on the calls. These calls follow 1 week after each module delivery. This allows time for you to consume the content of each module then bring any questions, area of struggle, triumphs or celebration to the calls. These support calls continue months after module completion to provide any assistance and guidance you need in ensuring your success!
  • All group coaching calls are recorded for later reference and use.
    As you progress through your transformation,  you can go back to the calls and take in the training at a much deeper level. As well, the concepts and methods you will be learning can be applied any time to the many areas of your life      you may want to elevate, improve and infuse with meaningful, new direction, passion and purpose. 
  • Personal Group and Laser Support through an Online Forum                                                                         
    Throughout the duration of the program, you are enrolled in and have access to an online support community where you can post questions for me to answer in between support calls.  It’s also a great opportunity to infuse your energy with the energy of connection as you receive & offer inspiration and support as well as develop strong friendships with others alongside you in this journey. 
  • Structured email support is in place, as well, to celebrate your shifts, check in on what your challenges are and to    energize continued forward movement.
  • Healing Guided Meditations, Worksheets & Tools                                                                                                                    As you are healing and taking your life to a new level, you will go through many layers of transformation.  The healing guided meditations will be there for you to deepen the transformation in your heart and your life.  Use these any time you want to grow, heal and expand to the next level of personal growth and reward.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Tuition for this phenomenally enriching, 6 month, life transforming program: $97