Inner Sanctuary Training Weekend Workshop!


Inner Sanctuary Training Weekend Workshop!


This life training program and the tools that comes with it changes lives. 

By using your Inner Sanctuary Training, you can bring any problem and receive the solution. You can bring any question and the receive answer. You can bring any heartache and it will be healed. You can bring any stress and it will be dissolved. You can bring any anger or frustration you need to vent and it will be lifted. You can bring any emotional pain you want to release and it will be taken. You can bring any emptiness within you and it will be made whole. You can bring any goal or desire you have and you can join the thousands around the world in making it happen by following the simple steps of this training and its powerful techniques. As you use this training, its tools and its methods, you access a phenomenal level of empowerment, clarity, healing and support.  IST is a living tool that becomes the cornerstone and foundation for living.

One short weekend can change everything for you...

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Benefits of Inner Sanctuary Training

In this course, you learn how to:

  • Receive important insight & guidance on any issue or question you hold
  • Experience the healing of your emotional pain, struggles and heartache
  • Release your anger, stress, anxiety, frustration and resentment
  • Replace negative inner self talk with the power of positive thinking.
  • Thrive in an unwavering sense of self and inner confidence
  • Eliminate obstacles & challenges through the clarity, understanding, truth and perspective you receive
  • Experience the clearing and transformative power of forgiveness and gratitude
  • Open channels to your creative expression
  • Renew your beaten spirit
  • Rejuvenate your zest for life
  • Connect at the deepest level with your inner guidance
  • Create and draw to you exactly that which you want in your life, leaving the rest behind.

This life training program change everything about how you process the difficulties and joys in your life. This healing, empowerment and renewal journey provides the methods, means and solutions to everything you will encounter in life.   

A Transformative Life Tool

Even with all of our blessings, life can still be filled with many challenging moments of stress, anxiety, struggle, worry, pain, fear and heartache.  We can lose our way, get lost in the struggle, carry endless stress and worry, get buried over by heartache, experience low self confidence, worry about being judged and accepted, search endlessly for our true meaning and purpose. Our most difficult challenges can often leave us feeling alone, withdrawn, broken or even shattered. We search, looking for a better way, for answers or, finally, we just give up looking at all. We are in pain or are numb … we can feel alone and in isolation… We are depleted, flat and have lost our sense of joy as well as our deeply rooted purpose for being here. Life can sometimes feel more like a taxing, grinding chore than the beautiful gift and celebration it is meant to be. We often close off or shut down from the beautiful experiences meant to come our way. And our inner energy of struggle, pain, numb, fear, anger, etc, has profound impact on our happiness, relationships and the overall quality of our life.

Building Your Inner Sanctuary

These are some of the many, many reasons this powerful life training is the most important foundational tool you will ever receive in your lifetime.  In these difficult pockets, Inner Sanctuary Training is transformational and moves you fully up and out of these lower times. There isn't anything that can't be resolved by using this training and its techniques. This course teaches you how to build your Inner Sanctuary within where you go to receive guidance, empowerment and direction, where you heal your emotional struggles & trauma, restore your balance and vitality, where you strengthen your life purpose and manifest your love, wisdom and creative ideas in your life. This becomes your organic life tool for receiving all the support and assistance you need, directly relevant to your life, that is meant for and awaiting you so you can positively transform your life into exactly what you want it to be. 

Inner Sanctuary Training – Your Path to a Richer Life Journey !

When you use this organic life tool consistently, you immediately see remarkable evidence of its powerful abilities alive and at work in your life – healing, renewing and restoring you to the fullness of who you are meant to be. You instantly see your manifestations come into existence and the circumstances of your life radically improve. You are happy, unstoppable and your relationships are deeply enriched.

You watch the heaviness of life peel away as it is replaced with empowerment and the realization that, in using the methods taught in this program, you are able to direct your destiny and fully enjoy each moment because you are filling it with exactly what you desire. Having the direct experience of watching this unfold for yourself will change your understanding of your own personal co-creative power.

Inner Sanctuary Training - Rejuvenates your self worth and life purpose

When Inner Sanctuary Training is used consistently, even if for just 10 minutes, your life grows to be the fully exciting, richly rewarding, and fulfilling existence you are meant to experience.

This transformative training allows you to deeply appreciate your own inherent beauty, your true self worth, to build healthy self images, live in confidence and empowerment, design and create the life you desire while eliminating all that holds you back, keeps you down and doesn't serve your highest intentions and desires for yourself.

We have the Power.  You have the Power    A few minutes of your time.    

Who Knew ?!?

Inner Sanctuary Training  Weekend Workshop
Friday evening:  6 - 9
Saturday:           10 - 6
Sunday:              10 - 6
Cost:   $297

2017 Schedule dates – Inner Sanctuary Training:

January        6-8
April            14-16
June             4-6
July             14-16
Sept            22-24
Nov             17-19

Inner Sanctuary Training …..  a powerful life tool for transformative healing, empowerment and renewal !