About Richer Life Journey

The Center

Richer Life Journey offers highly effective products and services that help you build a life of greater fulfillment, deeper peace, and profound happiness.  We help you establish an unwavering sense of self, greater alignment with your life purpose, a comprehensive understanding of your holistic energy makeup and a rich, spiritual foundation that brings positive meaning and enjoyment to your life.  We provide highly effective tools and guidance that lead to greater empowerment, self awareness, and holistic healing while restoring your vision and passion for living a compelling life.

Our center helps you open and attune to your ability to heal your own wounds, manifest your own visions, maintain rich relationships, and enjoy the revealing journey of self awareness and personal growth.  We empower you with practical yet powerful tools and methods that address the root of your issues, resolve unhealthy blocks and patterns so you can move forward fully empowered with a new vision for your life. The results are dramatic and transformative for you and all those present in your life.

Founding Principle

We are all on a quest to evolve as we enjoy our life experience.  Each person is born with life purpose and comes fully equipped with a complex, vital energy system and an interior spiritual toolbox to help you create and sustain the life you love. Richer Life Journey guides you to understand your holistic presence and to unleash the totality of your personal power.  Never again do you have to wonder, fear, worry or fret. All of the guidance, wisdom, inspiration and healing you ever need is moments away when you discover how utilize these amazing inner resources.  Everyone deserves to experience the miracle of your own inner resources and live in the infinite power that is you. It is truly life changing! 

We are Energy!

Conventional theory held that human beings were lumps of physical matter - the flesh, bones and muscles we can see that are run by a complex communication system between atoms, cells and molecules.  Now science knows we are all made of energy, that physical matter is just energy vibrating at a slower speed. But before science discovered this and began measuring the energy fields around living things, we already sensed this to be true because we are all aware of how impacted we are by our own energy level – whether it is abundant or depleting.  We know how we feel, inside and out, when our energy is high and when it is low. This vital life energy, the essence of all life with which we were created, is what allows us to be alive. When our energy is vibrant and healthy, we thrive.  When it is no longer, we cease.  Our programs give you an in-depth understanding of your holistic human energy system, how you impact your energy fields, how we impact the energy of others around us and how all things are interconnected and interrelated.

We came with gifts!

This vital, life energy that flows through us, breathes us and sustains us is more than just a magical source for sustaining our physical bodies. You will discover through your direct experience of it that this vital life force, spiritual in origin, is infinitely intelligent  and carries abundant resources we need in the way of guidance, information, direction and inspiration for use in creating and enjoying our life journey, if only we knew to access this powerful resource.

What About this Energy?

  • You will discover, through your own experience of it, that the life energy that flows within you is spiritual, abundant, loving, benevolent, generous, ever present and highly interested in you, your life and your wellbeing. 
  • You will discover that this infinitely intelligent energy presence proves its abundant power and interest in you as soon as you begin to seek it. 
  • You will discover that, when you align with and tap into this source, it will provide assistance, direction and guidance directly relevant to your exact life circumstances.
  • You will discover the wealth of other riches that freely flow from this benevolent force
  • You will discover the precise steps for connecting with this source for creating the abundant, fulfilling life you desire.
  • You will discover how you inhibit the flow of pure energy to and within yourself and how this impacts your happiness as well as your overall health and wellbeing.
  • You will discover how you impact another’s energy system and how they can impact yours.
  • You will discover that, though humanity has many varied names for this powerful, energy source of all life, most are unaware of the totality of gifts and abilities present and meant for our use in sustaining an amazing daily life!
  • You will discover the profound, transforming life change that comes from connecting with this phenomenal built-in spiritual resource with which we were all created.

Of Course, You Were Created in Perfection!

Many have tapped into and discovered this built in spiritual reservoir within each of us and more are opening to it each day.  Everyone deserves to know the totality of the spiritual gifts in which you were created and the abundant, intentional benefits and assistance that came with you at birth.  You came with these gifts, they are meant for you, and you are meant to use them.   Richer Life Journey™ has opened with the purpose of helping people discover their infinite inner core and, as a result, create a meaningful, authentic life of purpose, peace and abundant happiness.  Discovering this boundless reservoir, this untapped spiritual asset, changes everything.  Not just from the enormous benefits it brings your daily life but because, through the first hand experience of this power connection, you come to deeply know how loved and cherished you are to have been created in such perfection, with all that you need to live a meaningful life of empowerment, grace and success.  Life is not meant to be a challenge, a test or a cross to bear.  It is meant to be a joyful celebration and rich experience where you grow and evolve as you accomplish your unique life purpose and soul mission.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience these powerful spiritual gifts that forever change your life, your perspective and your understanding of all that is.  

Everyone deserves to know!

Our passion is to provide an enriching environment where all people can discover the abundant assets and spiritual gifts that live and flow through each person. Our practical tools and powerful programs are a catalyst to this discovery and your direct experience of the enormous resulting benefits, ease and inspiration this brings to your life.  At Richer Life Journey™, you will create a compelling, dynamic, highly enjoyable life through personal growth, self awareness,  and development of your own innate personal and spiritual power. 

In grace and gratitude, Richer Life Journey is here to help guide, enliven and empower each wonderful soul we meet, ultimately shaping our human landscape together, one beautiful gathering at a time!