Energy Healing Modalities

Richer Life Journey offers an array of exquisite energy healing services that relieve stress and bring healing to all levels of your Mind, Body and Spirit. Each energy healing modality soothes, heals and balances all layers of your holistic presence. Call today to balance, realign and rejuvenate YOU!  Our healings are often accompanied by intuitive messages or guidance that bring insight, inspiration, empowerment and clarity to your healing and personal growth journey.


About our Holistic Energy Healing Services

All healing is a gift from God and, as such, we are all blessed to witness the beauty, power, strength and devotion of this Loving  Presence in all of our holistic energy healing sessions.  The evidence of this devotion and care is seen in the extraordinary healing and revelations that come to each client during their time here in God’s care. 

As these holistic spiritual energy healing sessions progress, the healer or spiritual medium often receives intuitive messages and guidance for the client that will assist them in their healing and personal growth journey.

Healing & Counseling Packages:

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