Lotus Energy Healing Massage


The Lotus Energy Healing Massage is a wonderful, lightly hands-on holistic, spiritual energy healing massage that removes stress and completely relaxes the client while removing energy blocks in the nerve centers that are on the left and the right of the spinal column. 

This beautiful holistic, spiritual energy healing gathers all the collected energy in the head, neck and shoulder areas that cause headaches, stiff necks, and backaches and it releases these pockets of blocked energy from the body.  Powerful healing energies are channeled into problem areas restoring balance, vitality and alignment.  The session improves circulation, digestion, insomnia and releases many other aches and pains caused by posture and stress related issues.

Each Lotus Energy Healing Massage session brings wonderful healing, empowerment and renewal to each client.

These holistic, spiritual energy healing sessions lasts 50 minutes.

Cost:    $ 85

To book your personal Lotus Energy Healing Massage session, call Richer Life Journey at 508-624-7700 or email appointments@richerlifejourney.com.