Spiritual Light Initiation


Spiritual Light Initiation is a sacred, holistic energy healing process that draws your highest spiritual energy up through each chakra or energy center as it heals, energizes and restores them to their original perfection in preparation for your initiation where the element of fire is used in a gentle way to seal your oneness with your purpose, with God and with all of life. 

The use of tuning forks, oil, elements and sacred mantras enhances your Spiritual Light Initiation experience and deepens your awareness of your inner divinity as you rekindle the bond between your soul and Creator.

As this energy healing takes place and each chakra is cleansed, balanced and enlivened, the healer often receives intuitive messages and guidance that assist the client in their healing journey.    

This energy healing process awakens your connection to God, heals and balances your chakras or energy centers and restores peace and harmony to your being. You will feel God’s living presence as you surrender to the infinite love and tender care that is healing your being and nurturing your soul. 

As your spiritual vision opens, whole person healing occurs and your eternal perspective is restored bringing new clarity, empowerment and purpose to living.  After this energy healing, you will feel abiding peace, empowerment and renewal.

This beautiful spiritual energy healing lasts 60 minutes.

Cost is $ 99

To book your Spiritual Light Initiation energy healing, call Richer Life Journey at

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