Brazilian Light Energization Energy Healing


Brazilian Light Energization is a unique energy healing process that invokes spiritual light and energy for the purpose of healing, aligning and revitalizing all layers of your holistic energy presence while awakening your spiritual vision, purpose and perspective. 

This magical, mystical energy healing draws your spiritual energy up through your chakras to awaken the higher energy centers and open your spiritual gifts or vision.  This spiritual vision enables greater self awareness, personal growth, broader enriched perspective and an ability to see the intrinsic value and divinity in all of life. 

As this energy healing takes place, the healer receives intuitive messages and guidance for the client as each chakra is cleansed, balanced and enlivened.    

This sacred energy healing process opens the spiritual gateways to higher levels of awareness where you experience a profound knowing that you are a deeply treasured miracle of God created in infinite worth, value and purpose.   This energy healing evokes a mystical experience in which a powerful, sacred connection is enlivened between your soul and God.

Healing transpires physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  You expand your spiritual vision, increase your connection with Divine, balance your energy centers, and find inner peace and harmony.

As you rekindle the light of your soul and swim in the all encompassing embrace of God, you find new meaning, new value, new self worth and greater purpose in your life.  A richer dimension of spirituality springs forth setting the foundation for a life filled with peace, happiness and whole being empowerment.

Brazilian Light Energization is an energy healing modality that renews your being, nourishes your soul and opens your spiritual vision.  This energy healing is for those who embody passion for and commitment to your spiritual journey and enlightenment.  Your spiritual power and vision continue to build momentum and expand as this Energization process is repeated.

This sacred and magical energy healing is the legacy of the late Brazilian healer, Mauricio Panisset.  Kimberly Curcio, Mauricio’s widow, a powerful, devoted and loving healer in her own right, has formalized and continues Mauricio’s work today at the beloved Delphi University for Spiritual Studies in McCaysville, Ga.

This soul nourishing energy healing session last approximately 60 minutes.

The cost is $ 115

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