Color & Sound Energy Healing


Color and Sound Energy Healing is a holistic, spiritual energy healing that uses specific sound and color frequencies, color pomanders, toning, tuning forks and sacred mantras on targeted energy areas to release blocks, negative energy and stuck points from the flow of your vital energy system. This energy healing process clears, balances and restores your energy centers and revitalizes the all-important flow of vital life energy in a powerful yet tender way.

We are energy!  Everything ever created, including human beings, is largely comprised of vibrating patterns of energy!  We can easily accept and identify with this scientific theory because we all recognize how we feel when our energy is either vibrant and alive or sluggish and depleted.  It is important to know that our bodies, our thoughts and our feelings, as well as our spirits are all connected and interrelated systems of flowing energy. We are energy and the vital life force that sustains us and flows freely to, through, and around us, gathers in our energy centers or chakras, which distribute this energy throughout our being.  The condition or state of our energy and the free flow of it to and throughout us is directly impacted by the state of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.  If we are feeling down or focused upon something negative, this impacts the flow of energy to and within us.  If we linger here for a period of time, the impact becomes greater as these blockages begin to store in our energy system.  Over time, if we are not restored to our naturally intended state of peace, joy and harmony, illness and disease will manifest in our physical body.  In order to heal holistically, our healing must begin with our energy systems and those elements that impact and inhibit the free flow of this vital, sustaining life energy.

There are many things that can thwart, disrupt or block this free flow to and through our being. Trauma, toxins, tension, negativity and the condition of our thoughts and feelings are large contributors to the creation of these imbalances, blocks, or disruptions that store in our energy system and inhibit the flow of life sustaining energy.  If we are not attentive to addressing our inner upheaval, disharmony and disease can set in.

In response, Richer Life Journey is pleased to present Color and Sound Energy Healing, an extraordinary energy healing modality that uniquely focuses specific color and sound frequencies on targeted energy points for the purpose of clearing, soothing, balancing and revitalizing your energy system and centers.

This vibrant, enchanting form of energy healing is nourishment for all levels of your being. We integrate high vibrational energy with the use of color pomanders, designated sound frequencies, toning, and tuning forks. Sacred names and sounds are intoned, invoking healing energies of the Divine.  

You will feel tangible shifts of energy as you experience the deep soothing relaxation and vital energy restoration of your Color and Sound Energy Healing session.

Each Color and Sound Energy Healing session takes 60-75 minutes.   The cost  $  115

To book your personal Color and Sound Energy Healing session,  call Richer Life Journey at 508-624-7700 or email

Experience the peace, harmony and new vibration of a Richer Life Journey!