Chakra Balancing

A Chakra Balancing Energy Healing Session uses high vibration energy, healing crystals, healing stones and tuning forks to cleanse, harmonize, balance and realign your main 7 chakras. Your physical body is a messaging center letting you know when you are out of alignment or balance. When you feel tired, ill, emotionally upset or in physical pain, it is often because of the stale, negative energy and toxins present in your 7 chakras that slow, clog and block these critical energy centers.   As harmful, negative energy is removed by the healer and your 7 chakras are cleansed, balanced and restored, pure, vital life energy is again able to flow freely to and through your being leaving you feeling vibrantly alive, healthy, energized, and peaceful.  

Feel Better Now

This Chakra Balancing Energy Healing is a wonderful, natural solution to your many aches, pains, and emotional struggles. Each session also includes an energy or intuitive reading that brings powerful insights and guidance for further deepening your healing journey and propelling you forward in happiness, peace and empowerment.

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