Soul Lotus Energy Healing


Soul Lotus Energy Healing is a sacred two-process holistic, spiritual energy healing that begins with the Lotus Energy Healing Massage and then moves into Soul Rising Divine Energy Healing

The Lotus Energy Healing Massage is a wonderful, lightly hands-on holistic, spiritual energy healing massage that removes stress and completely relaxes the client while removing energy blocks in the nerve centers that are on the left and the right of the spinal column.  This beautiful holistic, spiritual energy healing gathers all the collected energy in the head, neck and shoulder areas that cause headaches, stiff necks, and backaches and it releases these pockets of blocked energy from the body.  Powerful healing energies are channeled into problem areas restoring vitality, balance and alignment.  This holistic, spiritual energy healing improves circulation, digestion, insomnia and releases many other aches and pains caused by posture and stress related issues. 

Soul Rising Divine Energy Healing is a holistic, spiritual energy healing that invokes the highest divine energies for restoring full health to your holistic presence -  your mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual layers.  These high energies of Love, Light and Healing transform you, reintegrating health, balance and vitality throughout your entire holistic being.  In this holistic, spiritual energy healing, the healer scans your entire human energy system, pulls out negative energy and blocks, cleanses your blood and sends powerful energy healing into all layers of your holistic being.  This holistic energy healing works beyond your energy centers (chakras) and into every corner of your being.

This two part Soul Lotus Energy Healing is an advanced level of holistic, spiritual energy healing that combines the powerful affect and benefits of these two energy healing processes for maximum peace, balance, renewal and health.  In a Soul Lotus Energy Healing, Divine healing energies merge fully into your being.  This energy healing session brings beautiful healing, empowerment and renewal as disruptive, negative energies are released and replaced with higher energies of Love, Light and Healing.  As well, blocks and barriers to vital energy flow are removed as energy cleansing and refinement is accomplished.

All healing is a Divine gift from God and it comes in many blessed forms.  In this Soul Lotus Energy Healing, the healer and the client remain in high spiritual attunement.  The client is wonderfully proactive as they continue to hold high intention for healing, release and renewal throughout the session, bolstering the depth of their healing.

 A Soul Lotus Energy Healing is a very natural yet sacred spiritual process that brings healing and balance to all levels (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) of our holistic human system. This dual approach brings potent healing to clients particularly feeling down, in stress, numb, blocked, stuck or in pain.

These hands on healings are most powerful and will carry on for days and even weeks after the client leaves.


Each session takes 90 minutes.   Price:   $ 155

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