Connecting With Spirit


Our Connecting With Spirit Program is a comprehensive 7 step personal growth program that unearths for healing the true cause of pain, difficulty and struggle in your life and it connects you to your greatest strength – you powerful, spiritual core.  Your work in this program frees you from the pain of old wounds, limiting self beliefs, repeated unwanted life patterns, and the negative thoughts and feelings that continuously surround you. This personal growth program brings greater self awareness and powerful holistic healing as you create a meaningful, fulfilling new Life Plan that restores profound inner peace, empowerment, happiness and purpose to your life.

Our Connecting With Spirit Program is a comprehensive personal growth and life work endeavor that delves into the deepest realms of you and your life for the purpose of understanding, healing, realigning and rejuvenating one's life joy and journey. In this work, you will unravel both the minor and major difficulties and stumbling blocks you experience, you will unearth repeated patterns of choice and behavior that don’t serve you and you will come to fully understand what causes and festers underneath all of it.  From the powerful new knowledge and insights gained throughout this sweeping and far reaching personal growth program, you will move forward and create a powerfully dynamic, new Life Plan built on clarity, self awareness, and wisdom.

We must not dwell in the past but we must have an acute understanding of what’s occurred in our life and why, the masked driving forces and motivations behind our choices and patterns and then come to fully understand the life lessons revealed to us because of these elements.  There are often subtle and not so subtle repressed energies that store within us due to the battle scars of life.  These wounds and hurts wreak havoc on our daily life processing.

We must heal and clear these out so that we are not thinking, feeling and reacting from our pain but, rather, from the highest part of ourselves, where all true peace and happiness birth.  Then we are able to move forward clearly, powerfully, and uninhibited by these old wounds and energies that bound us.  We all deserve to live in the powerful stature of who we truly are as spiritual beings of infinite worth and possibility and to enjoy the resulting fullness of that dynamic existence.  Additionally, beyond gaining a profound level of understanding and self awareness, foundational healing, and new Life Plan, our Connecting With Spirit Program allows you to establish deep communion with that part of you that is most significant to your existence - your inner spiritual core.  The work you will do in the Connecting With Spirit Program awakens, renews and enlivens your abundant, even if unknown, spiritual gifts and reunites you with our soul and Creator.  Our Connecting With Spirit program is both a transformational life work that brings highly positive, concrete shifts as well as a mystical quest uniting you with your Spirit in the most intimate connection.

What is involved? 

Three key elements must be in place before you can successfully experience the reality and power of this program as well as the abundant beauty of your Spirit. All three are necessary and the keys must be used in the following order: 
1.  Desire- You have come to the point in your life where you want and need greater peace, harmony, meaning, fulfillment and love.  If you have arrived here, you are intuitively sensing a calling from your Spirit. It is time to make or deepen this connection but, in order to do so effectively and richly, an inherent desire for these things must be present.
2.  Direction- Your Spirit is of Divine nature and the highest vibration within you. It can only reveal itself to you when your mind is calm and your heart is pure. Thoughts and feelings of sadness, pain, grief, anger, worry, anxiety, helplessness, and emotional numbing all block the natural and creative processes of your whole being.  The Connecting With Spirit program opens and deepens your connection with your Spirit and with the Divine, strengthens your spiritual gifts and abilities and begins an important spiritual transformation in your life. This highly experiential program allows you to know the reality and loving power of your Spirit where you live the greatest degree of empowerment, perspective and peace in your life.  Personal alignment with this direction is critical.
3.  Purpose- Your own Spirit cleanses, purifies, and transforms the structure and quality of your thoughts and feelings, releasing all that has blocked your true and unstoppable self. A sense of greater purpose within is key to this work!

The seven steps to the Connecting With Spirit Program

Step 1: Inner Sanctuary Training ( For a more in-depth description of this step, read about Inner Sanctuary Training in the Seminars and Workshops area)

Inner Sanctuary Training is life training. What you learn here will become a foundation from which you can build and design the life you want to live. Inner Sanctuary Training establishes the sacred space within, where you can go to receive spiritual insight and answers to your questions, release negative thoughts and feelings, restore balance and vitality, manifest your creative ideas, and strengthen your sense of purpose. The profound benefits you receive from Inner Sanctuary Training continually brings greater light, love, wisdom and peace into your life and your world. Inner Sanctuary Training is inspiring, life transforming, and enlightening. 

Through Step 1, Inner Sanctuary Training, You will:

  •    Regain your balance
  •   Restore and recharge your energy
  •   Build a healthy self image
  •   Receive inspired insights and answers for solving your dilemmas
  •   Start your creative juices flowing
  •   Establish a profound sense of well- being and peace
  •   Design and create a life filled with your highest desires
  •   Sustain a life of empowerment, purpose and robust happiness
  •   You will forge a deep and lasting bond with your powerful spiritual core and Creator. 

We feel incredibly blessed, passionate and compelled to share Inner Sanctuary Training with as many as possible.  This multi-faceted tool is so powerful, this work is so fruitful.  It is a miracle for every life on this planet.

Time:  One weekend workshop -  Friday evening 6 -9, Saturday and Sunday 10-6

Step 2: In-depth consultation 

You will receive a 3 part Holistic Energy Scan. 

  • Spiritual Scan - reveals your highest qualities and resources 
  • Emotional/Mental scan - reveals patterns of thoughts and feelings that either assist you in building a rewarding life or cause disturbances, limitations and destructive diversions.
  • Life scan - We will discover faulty life plans that you have subconsciously created and have been living since childhood 

These scans will chart your imbalances and misalignments, while focusing on your strengths and abilities. This scan gives you a clearer vision of what is blocking your progress and what you can do to accomplish your goals.

Time: 2 hours 

Step 3: Connecting with Spirit Program 

After completing Inner Sanctuary Training, and the In-depth consultation, you will begin a group class consisting of four sessions:  Understanding the Spiritual Self, Choices and the I Awareness, The Life Plan and Setting Intention for Healing. In between these classes you will receive a Trance Healing session. After the forth class is finished, you will receive another Trance Healing session

Time: 4 Classes totaling 8 hours plus 1 hour for each Trance Healing Session

Step 4: Awakening the "I Awareness" - One-day workshop 

We spend the day working with Enneagrams, which will help you identify and understand your personality type and how that plays out in your daily existence.  This is a positive, lighthearted but highly beneficial element.

Time: 8 hours

Step 5: Yhandi’s Inner Light Therapy

Yhandi’s Inner Light Therapy is a tender yet highly effective personal growth endeavor that reveals and heals the hidden scars and wounds from our past that leave us feeling unworthy, devalued, fearful, guilt-ridden, resentful and constrained. We’re often unaware that we react blindly in our current relationships and life situations as a result of the pain of these past events.

Repressed pain, wounds and memories from our past store within our bodies and resurface through our thoughts, words, choices and actions when triggered by a current event.  Within each of us, awaits two energies that need to be healed and reunited. These two energies are our emotions (our Inner child) and our thoughts (our Adult self).

These two energies, our thoughts and our feelings, are at constant odds with each other. Our emotions can be filled with unmet needs and desires that rule our lives but rarely bring lasting fulfillment, while our thoughts often swim in a great sense of futility as they try to guard against the constant tug of these unruly emotions.

The Yhandi’s Inner Light Therapy process sheds light on these hidden wounds and brings healing to the thoughts and feelings that surround them, creating an inner alchemy that unites the two and affords powerful life healing. Your healing brings hope, freedom and empowerment.  Your thoughts and emotions heal, evolve and, ultimately, work together harmoniously for positive, productive results leaving behind any whisper of inner turmoil.

This is an excellent therapeutic tool for those who feel out of touch with or ruled by their feelings, are aware of repeated unhealthy life patterns in their life but unsure why they occur, automatically react from their emotions, remain stuck in negative life circumstances, or are confused by the conflict that continuously arises between their thoughts and feelings.

This in-depth Yhandi process unearths painful past events, negative, repressed emotions and destructive thought patterns for healing and greater self awareness.  When our emotional and mental energies are healthy, in balance and integrated, our lives change in marked, miraculous ways.  No longer a slave to the burden of unbearable, repressed pain, this rewarding process will free you from imprisoning inner turmoil, renew your inner joy, open you to new dimensions and possibilities, awaken your natural creativity and allow you to live in inspired ideas and choices.

Time: 4 sessions – approx. 13 hrs

Step 6: Brazilian Light Energization 

Brazilian Light Energization is a unique energy healing process that invokes spiritual light and energy for the purpose of healing, aligning and revitalizing all layers of your holistic energy presence while awakening your spiritual vision, purpose and perspective. 

This magical, mystical energy healing draws your spiritual energy up through your chakras to awaken the higher energy centers and open your spiritual gifts or vision.  This spiritual vision enables greater self awareness, personal growth, broader enriched perspective and an ability to see the intrinsic value and divinity in all of life. 

Healing transpires physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  You expand your spiritual vision, increase your connection with Divine, balance your energy centers, and find inner peace and harmony.

As you rekindle the light of your soul and swim in the all encompassing embrace of God, you find new meaning, new value, new self worth and greater purpose in your life.  A richer dimension of spirituality springs forth setting the foundation for a life filled with peace, happiness and whole being empowerment.

Brazilian Light Energization is an energy healing modality that renews your being, nourishes your soul and opens your spiritual vision. 

Each session takes 1 hour  

Step 7: Final consultation

In this final step, we will review and integrate all of the personal growth, self awareness, healing and new insights received throughout the various phases of your program. We will spend time creating a new Life Plan that ensures the wholeness of living a dynamic, rewarding life in all the ways you desire.

Time: 2 hours

After this seven step program you will:

  • Have a cohesive understanding of your inner workings
  • Understand, honor and live as your true, authentic self
  • Define your direction and goals with clarity and enthusiasm
  • Awaken your intuitive and creative senses
  • Align with your higher self and greater purpose
  • Discover your expansive spiritual gifts and abilities
  • Cleanse and purify toxic energies that have accumulated in your body
  • Become a new, stronger, directed, and purposeful you!
  • Live a sustained, empowered existence that reflects the highest version of Who You Really Are!

Total Time: 20 individual hours, 27 group hours

Program Cost: $ 1997

If absolutely necessary,  this important life work can be done remotely.

To book your personal Connecting With Spirit appointment, please email Richer Life Journey at or call 508-624-7700.