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Behold Such Beauty

This workshop retreat shares a powerful meditation technique for building a spiritual space within that includes various exquisite destinations, each with its own specific purpose for deep healing, renewal, release, empowerment and prosperity building.  As well, you will learn how to access and develop your inner intuitive gifts for receiving guidance, inspiration and answers directly related to your specific life questions and issues. Everyone has these amazing, highly beneficial gifts for opening. Finally, you will learn how to create and draw to you exactly those things you want in your life while leaving all others behind. 

This is a powerful weekend for those looking to create and sustain lasting peace, happiness, purpose and success.  You will learn how to claim the totality of your own personal power while at the same time experiencing the profound healing and renewal found in these processes and through the Divine love and support found within you. 

It is through your connection with your inner being and renewal in Spirit that you are empowered to live your life as an expression of your love, ability and unique purpose.  It is in this pathway of expression that you truly come to find clarity, purpose, true happiness and an unwavering sense of self.  It is in your own personal sacred inner space that you define who you are and release all else that inhibits or minimizes you.

Behold Such Beauty brings forth the means and methods for living the compelling, dynamic, rewarding life you desire. 

The techniques and life tools you gather from this workshop retreat will allow you to:

    Renew your being & restore your vitality and zest for life
    Heal emotional wounds that keep you down and hold you back
    Transform doubt, fear, stress, & anxiety into clarity, conviction and inspired vision
    Replace difficult inner emotions with peace, balance and natural joy
    Turn limiting self beliefs & negative inner chatter into constructive thoughts of truth
    Access answers to questions & issues directly relevant to your personal life
    Thrive in an unwavering sense of self and inner confidence
    Open channels to your creative expression & strengthen your greater life purpose
    Develop your spiritual gifts, insight and intuition for practical use in your daily life
    Connect at the deepest level with your inner being
    Experience the abundant, unconditional Love from your spiritual support system
    Create your life's dreams and desires with ease and perfection  

This retreat offers the tools and methodologies that change everything about how you process the difficulties and joys in your life.  These life tools provide the means and solutions to everything you will encounter in life and, when used consistently, your life will grow to be the fully exciting, richly rewarding, and fulfilling existence you are meant to experience.

This weekend that you set aside for yourself will be as highly enjoyable as it is deeply rewarding!

Friday, January 9th:   6 PM - 9PM
Saturday, January 10th:  10AM - 6PM
Sunday, January 11th:    10AM - 6PM


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