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How To Get Rid Of Anxiety Now - Without Meds


How To Get Rid Of Anxiety Now -Without Meds 


Who This Program Serves:

If you are a woman who worries and stresses endlessly over things that seem simple to others, if you are painfully shy, introverted and get anxious being around people, if you have difficulty expressing yourself in conversation, if you measure yourself against others, avoid social situations, dread interaction, skip opportunities that would be good for you, and are ready to get rid of anxiety now, once and for all, this program and its tools will give you the freedom from anxiety that you’ve been hunting for forever. It will bring you the lasting impact, healing and confidence you desire, dream of and deserve.  It’s time to be free! 

Why This Program?

This weekend program provides you with highly effective tools and training for living a life free from anxiety, stress, fear and worry. By now you may likely believe living with anxiety is just who you are, a condition you are saddled with for life. But this is not true. Your anxiety is a result of things that have happened along your life that impacted how you intake and process the events, circumstances, challenges and people that land on your path.  During this weekend, you will gain new self awarenesses along with methods and tools for not just eradicating stress and anxiety but for finding your power and stepping into a rewarding life of meaning, impact and success.

What's In It For You

From this course, you will learn:

  • Why you experience anxiety, stress, fear and panic and how to release it
  • How to stop the endless stream of negative self talk that governs your day
  • How to transform stress, worry, & fear into empowerment, confidence and peace
  • How to find lasting freedom from your inner numb, dark and heaviness
  • How you are unknowingly impacting your emotional wellbeing and how to correct this
  • How to heal and soothe your emotional upset
  • How to keep your energy, thoughts and emotions at optimal health
  • How to connect deeply with the greater truth of who you are and why you’re here
  • How to leave behind all the anxiety, stress, worry, fear, panic, isolation and loneliness.

A Simple Weekend Can Change Your Whole Life

One weekend of your life, tiny dollars and your entire life experience will change.

It Takes Courage

Yes, it is difficult for people with anxiety to go to programs or gatherings with other people but ... this program is worth that challenge for the transformation it will permanently bring to your life. As well, it’s held in a beautiful setting, where you will feel safe, secure & honored as you go through, enjoy and absorb the material…

As well, you will be only in the company of others on the very same quest for freedom from anxiety and there is much power, peace, comfort and camaraderie sharing the journey along side others who understand exactly what you’re going through.


Ample time will be provided for breaks & lunch each session.  Commute or stay overnight in the many beautiful surrounding accommodations in and near Southborough. 

Give yourself the gift of a lifetime... Register now to leave anxiety, stress and fear long behind you!

Dates & Times:

Fri:   July 31st   6-9:30 PM
Sat:  Aug 1st     10-6 PM 
Sun: Aug 2nd   10-6 PM

Sign up today … You’ll be so glad you did!

Tuition: $297

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